Startups are moving to blockchain technology in 2018!

Startups are moving to blockchain technology in 2018!

The first application of blockchain technology that attracted worldwide attention was Bitcoin, the first digital currency. Blockchain is creating a decentralized book that works in a network of smart contracts. Blockchain is able to provide high security using the concept of public and private keys for authentication. This concludes that blockchain technology can be used in any industry where value is exchanged. This technology has many more applications than just cryptocurrencies.

The following is a list of startups that will bring change in the future –

Warmed up

This is an Estonian company. As smart contracts are a giant component of cryptocurrency and blockchain operations, Agrello hopes to revolutionize them

It aims to combine legal documentation with artificial intelligence to present smart contracts to the general public without full experience in the field of blockchain. Agrello’s creates an interface that allows users to easily create their own legally binding smart contracts through the Ethereum network. To do this, they do not need to have extensive programming experience or legal knowledge.


Elastos was launched in 2000. It focuses on developing an Internet operating system that redecentralizes the Internet through a blockchain. It produces a new secure operating system (Dapps) that runs peer-to-peer without centralized control. It will aim to make digital assets rare, recognizable and commercially available.


Everex plans to enable people who do not have access to standard financial institutions to use services such as currency exchange, microfinance, etc. They will create a platform using blockchain technology called “cryptocash”. Users can convert their local currency into cryptocurrency through the Everex platform. The value of this cryptocurrency token will be equal to the specified fiat currency.

Puregold, established in 2010, becomes the first payment gateway using a gold-backed cryptocurrency. The gateway name is called “PG_PAY”. This includes various payment terminals, gold ATMs and high-security mobile money transactions. The Puregold team used Ethereum blockchain technology and successfully set up a gold-backed e-commerce cryptocurrency e-commerce business network

There are many blockchain apps that appear to make things more organized and secure.

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Has cryptocurrency become the investment of every Indian’s dream?

Wealthy rewards often entail great risks, and the same goes for the very volatile cryptocurrency market. Uncertainty in 2020 on a global scale has led to increased interest of the masses and major institutional investors in trading cryptocurrencies, a class of assets of modern times. Increasing digitization, a flexible regulatory framework and the Supreme Court’s lifting of a ban on banks dealing with crypto companies have parked the investments of more than 10 million Indians over the past year. Several major global cryptocurrency exchanges are actively studying the Indian cryptocurrency market, which has been showing steady growth in daily trading volume over the past year amid a sharp drop in prices as many investors looked to buy value. As the cryptocurrency frenzy continues, the country has many new cryptocurrency exchanges that allow you to buy, sell and trade, offering functionality through user-friendly programs. WazirX, India’s largest cryptocurrency trading platform, doubled the number of users from one million to two million from January to March 2021.

What is pushing the world’s largest cryptocurrencies to the Indian market?

In 2019, Binance acquired the Indian trading platform WazirX, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume. Another crypto startup, Coin DCX, has received investments from BitMEX in Seychelles and giant Coinbase from San Francisco. By June 15, 2021, crypto and blockchain startups in India had attracted $ 99.7 million in investment, or about $ 95.4 million in 2020. Over the past five years, global investment in the Indian crypto market has grown by a whopping 1487%.

Despite India’s vague policies, global investors are betting heavily on the country’s digital coin ecosystem due to many factors such as

• Technologically savvy Indian population

The vast majority of 1.39 billion people are young (average age 28 to 29) and technology-savvy. While the older generation still prefers to invest in gold, real estate, patents or stocks, newer ones prefer high-risk cryptocurrency exchanges because they are more adapted to them. India ranks 11th in the list of the Chainalysis report for 2020 on the global use of the crypt, which shows the enthusiasm of the crypt among the Indian population. Also, the government’s hostility to the crypt or rumors circulating around the crypt are also unable to shake young people’s confidence in the digital coin market.

India offers the cheapest internet in the world, where one gigabyte of mobile data costs about $ 0.26 and the global average – $ 8.53. As a result, nearly half a billion users enjoy affordable internet access, increasing India’s potential to become one of the world’s largest cryptocurrencies. According to SimilarWeb, the country is the second largest source of web traffic to Paxful’s peer-to-peer bitcoin trading platform. While the mainstream economy is still struggling with the “pandemic effect,” cryptocurrency is gaining momentum in the country as it gives the younger generation a new and faster way to make money.

It is safe to say that cryptocurrency can become an Indian millennial than gold for their parents!

• Growth of fintech startups

The fascination with cryptocurrencies has led to the emergence of several trading platforms such as WazirX, CoinSwitch, CoinDCX, ZebPay, Unocoin and many others. These cryptocurrency exchange platforms are highly secure, available on a variety of platforms and allow instant transactions, providing a user-friendly interface for cryptocurrency enthusiasts to buy, sell or trade digital assets limitlessly. Many of these platforms charge INR for purchases and trading fees of 0.1%, so simple, fast and secure platforms represent a lucrative opportunity for both first-time investors and local traders.

WazirX is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchange platforms with more than 900,000 users, providing customers with peer-to-peer transactions. CoinSwitch Kuber provides the best cryptocurrency exchange platform for Indians and is ideal for both beginners and everyday people. Unocoin is one of the oldest cryptocurrency exchange platforms in India, accounting for over a million traders through mobile apps. CoinDCX provides users with more than 100 cryptocurrencies as an exchange option and even provides investors with insurance to cover losses in the event of a security breach. Thus, global investors are considering many cryptocurrency exchange platforms in India to take advantage of the emerging market.

• Mixed government response

A bill banning virtual currency, which criminalizes all those involved in the possession, issuance, extraction, trade and transfer of crypto assets, could be passed into law. However, Finance and Corporate Affairs Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has eased concerns among some investors, saying the government has no plans to completely ban the use of cryptocurrency. In a statement to the leading English newspaper Deccan Herald, the Minister of Finance said: “For our part, we are very clear that we are not closing all options. We will allow people to experiment with blockchain, bitcoins or cryptocurrency.” the national security risks borne by cryptocurrencies before deciding on a total ban.

In March 2020, the Supreme Court overturned a central bank decision to ban financial institutions from engaging in cryptocurrencies, prompting investors to flock to the cryptocurrency market. Despite long-standing fears of a ban, transaction volumes continued to increase, and user registration and cash inflows to the local cryptocurrency exchange increased 30 times than a year ago. One of India’s oldest exchanges, Unocoin, added 20,000 users in January and February 2021. The total volume of Zebpay on February 2021 became equivalent to the volume generated for the entire month of February 2020. Deciding on the cryptocurrency scenario in India, the Finance Minister said in an interview with CNBC-TV18: “I can only make it clear to you that we are not closing our minds, we are looking for ways to experiment in the digital world and cryptocurrency.”

Instead of sitting aside, investors and stakeholders want to do their best to spread the digital coin ecosystem until the government imposes a ban on “private” cryptocurrency and declares a sovereign digital currency.

Is India moving towards financial inclusion through cryptocurrency?

Once considered a “boys’ club ”due to the predominant male participation in the cryptocurrency market, the ever-growing number of women investors and traders has led to more gender neutrality in new and digital forms of investment methods. Women used to stick to traditional investments, but now they are taking risks and venturing into India’s cryptospace. After the Supreme Court clarified the legitimacy of India’s cryptocurrency platform “virtual currency”, CoinSwitch witnessed an exponential 1000% increase in the number of its female users. Although women investors still make up a small percentage of the crypto community, they are creating stiff competition in the Indian market. Women tend to save much more than their male counterparts, and more savings means more variety in investments such as high-yield assets such as cryptocurrencies. In addition, women are more analytical and better at assessing risks before making the right investment choices, so they are more successful investors.

Increasing the widespread institutional acceptance of cryptocurrencies

Uncertainty and panic caused by SARS-Covid 19 led to a liquidity crisis even before the economic crisis. Many investors converted their assets into cash to protect their finances, leading to a collapse in bitcoin and altcoin prices. But despite the fact that the crypt suffered a major crash, it still managed to become the best asset class in 2020. With the growing vulnerability of the system and the loss of confidence in central bank policies and money in its current design, people have an increased appetite for digital currencies, which has led to a rebound of cryptocurrency. Due to the stellar performance of cryptocurrency in the midst of the global financial crisis, the upward trend has increased interest in the virtual currency market in Asia and the rest of the world.

In addition to fueling society’s demand for convenient and reliable transaction solutions, digital payment gateways such as PayPal have also demonstrated their support for cryptocurrencies that allow consumers to hold, buy or sell virtual assets. Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently announced a $ 1.5 billion investment in the cryptocurrency market and that the electric company would accept bitcoins from buyers, leading to a jump in international bitcoin prices from $ 40,000 to $ 48,000 over two days. Two of the largest payment platforms worldwide, Visa and Mastercard, also support cryptocurrencies, providing them as a medium for transactions. While Visa has already announced the authorization of transactions with stable coins in the Ethereum blockchain, Mastercard will start transactions from the crypt in 2021.

What awaits the future of the cryptocurrency market in India?

The Indian cryptocurrency market is not immune to terrible crypto-failures. Despite huge investments from global counterparts, local investors still keep their distance from crypto-investments due to uncertainty in the legitimacy of India’s digital coin ecosystem as well as high market volatility. Although the cryptocurrency market has been evolving since last year, Indians own less than 1% of the world’s bitcoin, creating a strategic disadvantage for the Indian economy. The Indian government plans to appoint a new group to study the possibility of regulating digital currencies in the country, as well as focus on blockchain technology and propose it for technological improvements.

The ability of blockchain technology to provide secure and unchanging infrastructure has been implemented by various industries to ensure transaction transparency. For a country with more than 15 million cryptocurrency users, the new committee recommendation could be of great importance for determining the future of cryptocurrency in India. However, stakeholders believe that technical and economic power will make India a key player in the crypto and blockchain market. Gradually, cryptocurrency is gaining widespread recognition, which could lead to a wider spread of digital currency.

According to another TechSci Research report on “India’s cryptocurrency market By Proposals (Hardware and Software), By Process (Mining and Transactions), By Type (Bitcoin, Etgereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Dashcoin, Litecoin, Others), By End Users (Banking, Real Estate, Stock Market and Virtual Currency) ), By Regions, Forecasts and Opportunities, 2026 “, India’s cryptocurrency is expected to grow with significant CAGR due to increased transparency requirements and reduced transaction costs. In addition, the growing proliferation of digital currency and the growth of blockchain technology are fueling the cryptocurrency market .


Will crypto-e-commerce destroy the dinosaur-style banking industry?

Banking as we know it, has existed since the first currencies were minted – perhaps even before, in one form or another. From taxation grew the currency, in particular coins. In the early days of ancient empires, the annual taxation of one pig may have been reasonable, but as empires expanded this type of payment became less desirable.

However, after the Covid situation, we not only seemed to move to a “non-cash” society (as one would like to deal with potentially “dirty money” in a store), but with a “contactless” level of credit card transactions have now risen to £ 45, and now even small transactions accepted, such as a daily newspaper or a bottle of milk, are paid for by card.

Did you know that more than 5,000 cryptocurrencies are already in use, and of which bitcoin ranks high on this list? In particular, bitcoin has had a very volatile trading history since its first creation in 2009. This digital cryptocurrency has undergone many actions in its rather short life. Initially, bitcoins were traded for almost nothing. The first real price increase occurred in July 2010, when the value of bitcoin rose from $ 0.0008 to $ 10,000 and more than one coin. Since then, the currency has experienced several major rallies and collapses. However, with the introduction of so-called “stable” coins – those supported by the US dollar or even gold, this volatility of cryptocurrency can now be taken under control.

But before we explore this new form of cryptographic e-commerce as a method of controlling and using our assets, including our “FIAT” currencies, let’s first look at how banks themselves have changed over the last 50 years or so.

Who remembers the good old checkbook? Prior to the advent of bank debit cards, in 1987, checks were the primary means of transferring assets to others in commercial transactions. Then with the help of bank debit cards, along with ATMs, obtaining FIAT assets became much faster, and for commercial transactions online.

The problem that has always been present in banks is that most of us need at least 2 personal bank accounts (checking account and savings account) and one for each business we owned. Also, trying to “quickly” transfer money from your bank account to say you went abroad was something like SWIFT!

Another issue was cost. Not only did we have to pay a regular fee for servicing each bank account, but also a huge fee for each transaction, and of course, in very rare cases we did not receive any valuable interest for the money in our current account. Account.

In addition to everything Overnight By trading every night using expert financial traders, or, more recently, artificial intelligence (AI) trading systems, all of OUR assets will be traded, and economically, banks became the main acquirer of our assets – but not us! Look at the potential business that can be done with OVERNIGHT Trading.

So, summing up, banks not only charge a lot for storing and moving our assets using smart trading methods, they also make a significant profit from trading our money in the Overnight chain, for which we see no benefit.

Another point is do you trust your bank with all your assets?

What about the fact that the Bank of Scotland, which was the national bank of Scotland and now owned by the Lloyds Banking Group, was recently mentioned in a September press release which stated: “Lloyds Bank asset fraud is the most serious financial scandal of today. “

Why not google this website and then make your own choice?

So, now let’s see how the cryptographic e-commerce system should work, and how the benefits that banks have enjoyed for OUR money can be the main source of income for Asset Holders – the US!

On the 10thth In October 2020, a new large e-commerce campaign based on cryptography – FREEBAY.

In short, Switzerland-based FreeBay is a company that incorporates its own Blockchain technology, with its own SAFE Crypto Coin (based on V999 technology), and allows its members to transfer their FIAT assets to Gold Bullion, eliminating the need to participate any BANK.

V999: digital gold using blockchain; digital token backed by physical gold V999 Gold (V999) is a digital asset. Each token is backed by one-tenth of a fine gold gram ingot, which is stored. If you own a V999, you own a base physical gold that is in custody. In addition, FreeBay members can purchase packages that include powerful automated trading robots based on intelligence.

So now you can not only achieve complete independence from the standard BANK, but you can also trade, like banks, with your Gold digital assets in the form of V999 Crypto tokens, in OVERNIGHT systems, only now do you, the asset owner, receive rewards, not banks.

But there is another big advantage in trading V999 tokens. As you were Common the token owner, so like banks, every time a V999 token is traded (i.e. sold), for example, to buy bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, a transaction fee is charged. Each time a transaction occurs, the total owner of the V999 token receives a small percentage of that fee.

Note that once a trade takes place and the V999 token is sold, in exchange for, say, Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, a small% of that transaction fee is paid Common owner this token (i.e. YOU). Because the goal of Freebay is to make the V999 token one of the most sought after secure Crypto coins, even after your token has been sold to another trader because you are still Total token owner V999every time this token is traded by any other trader, it is you – the general owner of this token, who receives a trade commission.

It could not only create great Passive income for you, for life, but succumb to your descendants – and nowhere involved a regular bank.

So the more V999 tokens you buy and put into circulation, the more and better your residual income – not just for life, but probably for your dependents – can become a reality.

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Overview of the Initial Coin Offer (ICO)

ICO is a means of raising funds through unregulated funds for various cryptocurrency companies. This is what startups use to circumvent the regulated and rigorous capital raising process required by banks and venture capitalists. In such a company, a certain percentage of cryptocurrency is sold very early to project supporters for other cryptocurrencies or legal tender.

How it is done

If a firm wants to raise money through an initial coin offering, a plan with project details should be on white paper. It should outline what the project is about, what it needs, what it is aimed at. It should also indicate the money that will be needed to carry out the whole venture and how much the pioneers will receive to save.

The plan should also specify what currency is accepted and how long the company intends to run the campaign. During such an action, supporters and enthusiasts of the initiative will buy cryptocurrencies with the help of virtual currency or Fiat. Coins are called tokens and are very similar to shares of companies sold to investors during an IPO. If the minimum required funds are not reached, the money is returned and the entire ICO is considered a failure. If the requirements are met within the set time, the money can be used to initiate the scheme or even complete it if it is still ongoing.

Investors involved in the project early are mostly motivated to buy crypto coins in the hope that the plan will be successful and after launch they will get more value from it. Various economies have had very successful projects of this kind, and this is the main thing that motivates investors.


ICOs can be compared to crowdfunding and IPOs. Just like an IPO, a stake must be sold by a startup company to obtain funds to help the activities of such a company. The only difference is that IPOs deal with investors, while ICOs work closely with supporters who are very interested in new projects such as crowdfunding.

However, ICOs differ from crowdfunding in the sense that ICO supporters are usually motivated by the fact that they can get a great return on investment. Funds raised through crowdfunding are mostly donations. It is for this reason that ICOS is called mass sales.

So far there have been many successful deals. ICO is an innovative tool in our digital age. However, it is important for investors to take precautions as some companies can become fraudulent. This is due to the fact that they are very unregulated. The financial authorities are not involved in this, and if you lose money through such initiatives, it is difficult to continue to receive compensation.

In this regard, there are some regions that do not allow the use of ICOs. It is important to buy such currency only from reliable sources to be safe.


A Guide to Successful Trading in Major Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency trading has taken over the world and it has become the norm for most traders and investors. If you’re interested enough to do research before you go into trading, you have a chance to enjoy real growth and profits in the end. The worst thing you can do when it comes to this kind of trade is blindly, simply because everyone else is doing it. A little study of major currencies and a deep digression into the basics of buying and trading can make a big difference. Here are some tips to help you succeed in trading.

Take the time to understand how a chain of blocks works

Blockchain technology has redefined transactions, and it is changing everything. A blockchain can be defined as a list of records that are constantly growing into blocks that are protected and linked by cryptography. Blockchains are resistant to data modification and serve as a public ledger of transactions between parties. The transparent and decentralized nature of the chain of blocks makes it very secure, and in the world of hacking it is truly functional and reliable. It solves the problems of manipulation that have become so apparent in today’s world. While no one can claim to understand everything that is a blockchain, learning a few basics will greatly facilitate you trading.

Know and learn the best currencies

The space of virtual currency is becoming overcrowded due to how popular currencies have become. The fact is that today there are more than 100 cryptocurrencies, which means that you need to know which ones are the best and most popular so that you can choose the right buy and sell based on profitability. Bitcoin accounts for half of the market with the highest volume, but Litecoin and Ethereum also hold the lead and give bitcoin success. Learn as much as you can about the currency that interests you. The more you know, the better you will make decisions; you can really trade more than one cryptocurrency without any problems.

Remember the inherent risks

Bitcoin and other currencies are quite volatile, even when comparing the stock market and gold. Remember that this technology is still in its infancy and it faces many challenges. The probability of making a profit is quite high, but the risks are also high. Public sentiment about the currency can indeed affect its prices. What goes up is definitely sure to go down, so be careful with the trading moves you make. The higher the risk, the higher the rewards may be, but be prepared for losses as well. The best thing you can do, whatever you choose, is to keep track of events that may affect prices, and act quickly.

Once you learn all that is important in cryptocurrency trading, you can open a brokerage account and fund it and then start buying and selling currencies. The rewards are numerous for enthusiastic traders.


What are the top 5 cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin?

Bitcoin has led the cryptoworld for so long and is so dominant that the terms crypto and bitcoin are often used interchangeably. However, the truth is that digital currency is not just about Bitcoin. There are many other cryptocurrencies that are part of the cryptoworld. The purpose of this post is to teach our readers cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin to give them a wide range of options to choose from – if they intend to make cryptocurrencies.

So let’s start with the first name on our list, that is:


Launched in 2011, Litecoin is often referred to as “silver to gold Bitcoin”. Charlie Lee – an MIT graduate and former Google engineer – is the founder of Litecoin.

Like Bitcoin, Litecoin is an open source decentralized payment network that operates without a central authority.

Litecoin is similar to bitcoin in many ways and often makes people think, “Why not go with bitcoin? Both are similar! ” Here’s the catch: Generating Litecoin blocks is much faster than Bitcoin! and this is the main reason why merchants around the world are becoming more open to accepting Litecoin.


Another decentralized open source software platform. Currency was launched in 2015 and allows you to create and run smart contracts and distributed applications without any downtime.

Ethereum applications require a specific cryptographic token – Ether. According to the main developers of Ethereum, the token can be used for trade, security and decentralization of almost everything.

Ethereum survived the attack in 2016, as a result of which the currency split into two parts: Ethereum and Ethereum Classic.

In the race of leading cryptocurrencies Ethereum ranks second in popularity and inferior to bitcoin.


Zcash appeared in late 2016. The currency defines itself as follows: “if bitcoin is similar to http for money, Zcash is https”.

Zcash promises to ensure transparency, security and confidentiality of transactions. Currency also offers the option of “shielded” transactions so that users can transmit data in the form of encrypted code.


Dash was originally a secret version of Bitcoin. It is also known as “Darkcoin” because of its secret nature.

Dash is popular for offering extended anonymity that allows users to make transactions impossible to track.

The currency first appeared on the digital market in 2014. She has since gained a big fan in a very short period of time.


With a market capitalization of more than $ 1 billion, Ripple is the last name on our list. Currency was launched in 2012 and offers instant, secure and inexpensive payments.

The Ripple Consensus Book does not require mining, a feature that distinguishes it from Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies.

Lack of mining reduces computing power, which ultimately minimizes latency and makes transactions faster.


Although bitcoin continues to lead the cryptocurrency, competitors are gaining momentum. Currencies like Ethereum and Ripple have surpassed Bitcoin in corporate solutions and are growing in popularity every day. According to the trend, other cryptocurrencies are here to stay, and soon bitcoin will find it very difficult to maintain its status.


Cryptocurrency: a new sensation

The concept of cryptocurrency was invented in 1991. However, the first real implementation was made in 2008 by Nakamoto. The first question is what is a cryptocurrency. It is a financial facility in which currency is transferred between two parties. Initially, problems such as the double-error method arose, but then the problem was solved using concepts such as blockchain technology. The whole process is controlled by cryptographic algorithms. A set of public and private keys is passed between the two parties. Details of each transaction are stored in each block and for each client; the chain of blocks forms a complete list of transactions. All blocks together form a chain of blocks. These blockchains are nothing more than a financial book. The power of this new system of currency transactions depends on the power of the cryptographic algorithm. With the introduction of algorithms such as DES, the secrecy of each financial transaction (chain of blocks) has been strengthened. However, so far this concept has not been approved by many countries. The data of each block cannot be changed retrospectively or without network consensus. Currently, the share of cryptocurrency is not so great, but over time, growth is expected.

Some of the features of cryptocurrency:

• Decentralized

• Distributed

• Public book

The most important aspect of cryptocurrency is the above, but the technology requires security for effective use. Problems like double bug have occurred in the past, but now the problem is solved. The biggest advantage of cryptocurrency is the feature of updating without touching the central server. So we don’t need to make any changes to the server. Alternatively, a transaction can be made between any two network members or three or more.

So, the various benefits you get with cryptocurrency:

• Safe

• Fast

• Reliable

• Accurate

However, the technology has evolved, although not accepted in all countries. The biggest sensation in cryptocurrency is bitcoin. It is accepted by many countries. Similarly you can find many more types of cryptocurrencies. Each uses a unique type of algorithm. All of them you can learn through cryptography. This is a broad topic, and the use of cryptocurrency is one of the major breakthroughs of the last decade. Usage could quadruple in the coming years.

Digital currency is additionally used as part of questionable settings as an illegal online business, such as Silk Street. The first Silk Street was closed in October 2013, and two more forms have been used since then. In the year after the closure of Silk Street, the number of obvious dim markets increased from four to twelve, while the number of drugs placed increased from 18,000 to 32,000.

Darknet markets demonstrate legitimacy issues. Bitcoins and various types of digital money used as part of dim markets are not explicitly or legally ordered in all parts of the world. In the US, bitcoins are called “virtual resources”. Such a dubious arrangement gives weight to law firms around the world to adapt to the mobile exchange of drugs in dim markets


Cryptocurrency – stay tuned

Cryptocurrencies seem to be the hottest investment products. Eavesdrop on any conversation of your friend, it’s about bitcoin. All conversations in the workplace are also about virtual currencies. The buzzword in online chats is also these days about cryptocurrency. Due to the growing popularity of these virtual currencies there is a quiet economic revolution.

It goes without saying that if you want to make it big in the world of bitcoin, you have to have a nose for news. Now that you’ve narrowed your list down to a few cryptocurrencies, you’ll need to analyze and decide which ones have the potential to trade higher and faster than the rest. This is the reason why you should keep up to date with the news. You will scan information about blockchain trends from a variety of sources. Nowadays, several business channels dedicate exclusive time to these trends.

Another potential source of information may be others who trade virtual currencies. Meet some of them who are very good at trading and choosing their brains to get valuable information. The Internet is a great way to connect with such experts. You can find them through online forums. Keep in touch with them regularly. Similarly, you can also subscribe to websites that specialize in cryptocurrency trading. This way you can make sure you don’t miss important news.

Good sources of information on cryptocurrencies can be obtained from various organizations. They offer a lot of information about the blockchain ecosystem. The organization’s website offers extremely detailed information on digital currencies.

Keep your coins safe

Security is another thing that is crucial every time you deal with cryptocurrency. Because you will need to create and use multiple passwords for different accounts, it is recommended that you use a password manager. Make sure you are using a strong antivirus on your computer. A good firewall is also a must in order to ensure the perfect security of your data and online transactions.

Another important thing you should follow is to never show how much you have traded cryptocurrencies online. This is true both offline and online. You also should never make the mistake of clicking on someone’s links in crypto groups. You can so easily download the virus to your computer. It is known that most pages of these groups contain viruses.


Coinbase: Bitcoin startup is spreading to capture most of the market

In 2017, the price of bitcoin soared. Coinbase, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, has found itself in the right place at the right time to make money on the interest jump. Despite this, Coinbase is not interested in taking its crypto-profits for granted. To stay ahead in the much larger cryptocurrency market, the company is returning money to its master plan. By 2017, the company had revenue of $ 1 billion, and assets of more than $ 150 billion were traded to 20 million customers.
live crypto prices
Coinbase, a company from San Francisco known as the leading cryptocurrency trading platform in the United States and with its continued success ranked 10th on the CNBC Disruptor list in 2018 after not being listed for the previous two years. .

On its way to success, Coinbase has left no stone unturned in the poaching of key executives from the New York Stock Exchange, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. This year, the number of full-time engineering teams has almost doubled.
ripple price was bought by Coinbase in April this year for $ 100 million. This platform allows users to send and receive digital currency by replying to mass market emails and performing microtasks. The company currently plans to bring in former venture capitalist Andreessen Horowitz, founder and CEO of Earns as the first-ever chief technology officer.

According to current estimates, Coinbase valued itself at about $ 8 billion when it decided to buy Earn.Com. That figure is well above the $ 1.6 billion estimate estimated in the last round of venture funding in the summer of 2017.

Coinbase declined to comment on its estimate, despite having more than $ 225 million in funding from leading venture capital firms including Union Square Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz, and the New York Stock Exchange.

To meet the needs of institutional investors, the New York Stock Exchange plans to launch its own cryptocurrency exchange. Nasdaq, a competitor to the NYSE, is also considering a similar move.

• Competition is coming

While competing organizations are seeking to snack on Coinbase’s business, Coinbase is looking for other venture capital opportunities by trying to build a moat around the company.

Dan Dolev, an analyst at Nomura, said Square, a company run by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, could eat up Coinbase’s exchange business because in January it started trading cryptocurrencies in its Square Cash app.

According to Dolev, Coinbase’s average trade fee was about 1.8 percent in 2017. Such high fees can push users to other cheaper exchanges.

Coinbase aims to be the only window for institutional investors when hedging its stock business. To attract white gloves to this class of investors, the company has announced a new product park. This class of investors was particularly wary of plunging into the volatile cryptocurrency market.

Coinbase Prime, The Coinbase Institutional Coverage Group, Coinbase Custody and Coinbase Markets are products launched by the company.

Coinbase believes there are billions of dollars of institutional money that can be invested in digital currency. It already has $ 9 billion in customer assets.

Institutional investors are concerned about security, even though they know that Coinbase has never been hacked like some other global cryptocurrency exchanges. The president and CEO of Coinbase said the impetus for launching Coinbase Saving last November was the lack of a trusted custodian to protect their crypto assets.

• Wall Street is currently moving from Bashing Bit to Cryptocurrency Backer

According to the latest data available in Autonomous Next Wall Street, interest in cryptocurrency seems to be growing. There are currently 287 cryptocurrency hedge funds, while in 2016 there were only 20 cryptocurrency hedge funds. Goldman Sachs has even opened an office for cryptocurrency trading.

Coinbase also introduced Coinbase Ventures, which is an incubator fund for early-stage startups operating in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. Coinbase Ventures has already amassed $ 15 billion for further investment. His first investment was announced in a startup called Compound, which allows you to borrow or give cryptocurrency while earning an interest rate.

In early 2018, the company launched Coinbase Commerce, which allows merchants to accept major cryptocurrencies for payment. Another bitcoin startup is BitPlay, which recently raised $ 40 million in venture money. Last year, BitPlay processed more than $ 1 billion in bitcoin payments.

Proponents of blockchain technology believe that in the future cryptocurrency will be able to get rid of the needs of central banking authorities. In the process, it will reduce costs and create a decentralized financial solution.

• Regulatory safety remains intensive

To maintain access to the four cryptocurrencies, Coinbase has drawn a lot of criticism. But they need to be careful while U.S. regulators discuss how to control certain uses of the technology.

For cryptocurrency exchanges such as Coinbase, the issue of concern is whether cryptocurrencies are securities that fall under the jurisdiction of the Securities and Exchange Commission. Admittedly, Coinbase is slowly adding new coins because the SEC announced in March that it would apply security laws to all cryptocurrency exchanges.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Coinbase met with SEC representatives to register as a licensed brokerage and e-commerce site. In this scenario, Coinbase will find it easier to maintain more coins as well as follow security rules.


5 reasons why cryptocurrency is so popular

Over the past few years, cryptocurrency has been a hot topic around the world. Most people are now familiar with cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin. In fact, bitcoin ranks first in the list of cryptocurrencies. If you don’t know why cryptocurrency is gaining popularity around the world, you’re on the right page. In this article, we will discuss 5 reasons why this new type of currency is so popular. Read on to find out more.
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1. Low transaction fees

Low transaction fees are one of the main reasons why cryptocurrencies have been rising in value over the past few years. No matter what type of regular payment method you choose, you will have to pay a large commission for the transaction.
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On the other hand, if you choose a cryptocurrency to make payments, you will have to pay a minimum fee for the transaction. So, it makes sense to use this new form of currency to make payments online for the products and services you need.
2. No government regulation
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Another compelling reason why many people trust cryptocurrencies is that they are not regulated by any government. Thus, the value of the currency remains stable regardless of the government of a particular country.

Also, some investors want to protect their wealth, so they invest in cryptocurrencies. In other words, cryptocurrencies are much safer than regular currencies, making them quite attractive here and now.
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3. Great potential for profit

Another great reason why cryptocurrencies are an ideal choice is that they offer great potential for profit. If you buy bitcoin when prices are low, you can make a big profit the moment the price of bitcoin rises again.

Investors have made a lot of money over the last few years. So the potential is there if you are interested in putting money into your desired cryptocurrency.
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4. Easier to use

Over time, using cryptocurrency becomes easier. The reason is that many online companies are starting to accept payments through this type of currency. In the near future, almost every company will accept payment through popular cryptocurrencies.
As more people start using cryptocurrencies around the world, buying currency and making payments online will become even easier.
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5. General security

Your money and personality are paramount. Today, cybersecurity is one of the biggest challenges you may face. Therefore, using cryptocurrency for online payments is much safer than conventional payment methods.
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So if you are worried about making payments online, we suggest you try cryptocurrency. In other words, security is another great reason why people use cryptocurrency.
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In short, these are 5 reasons why cryptocurrency is so popular around the world. All you need is to make sure you choose one of the best cryptocurrencies. It is a bad idea to invest your hard-earned money in a currency that has no potential for growth.
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