Hotel hosts are not worried about booking times and customer buying behavior

The online hospitality rules that changed a few years ago are nowhere to be considered. Tools such as OTAs, Metasearch sites, destination sites, and last-minute booking apps / mobile apps are plentiful, with average travelers using more than a dozen sites before booking online. Don’t forget that travelers often spend their cell phone, laptop, iPad, etc. researching and booking travel. Hotel Revenue Management Tools these challenges have been greatly reduced.

Changes in Traveler purchasing behavior, with increased access to online / mobile travel tools, give hosts a challenge and opportunity. The platforms mentioned above provide real-time data with more minute details about consumer online travel. This justifies all the reasons why all hotels should start tracking prices.

The increasing use of smartphones, many hungry consumers, has increased the availability of last-minute reservations on mobile applications and no-obligation bookings in the hospitality competition. These are some of the reasons why travelers book hotels closer to the check-in date. According to most experts and recent data, the lead time for bookings has been significantly compressed.

If your hotel is constantly reducing these last minute bookings, you are losing a lot of your revenue, especially when you save OTAs even more by paying the third party commissions.

However, there are ways to deal with this new trend in the fast-booking window:

Don’t worry, use it to your best advantage

Instead of shrinking reserve windows, hosts should start turning that into their best advantage. Strategy your chances of becoming faster with a dynamic booking recovery campaign.

The findings have shown that millions of travelers with long booking windows are often ignored by hoteliers for their ability to become customers.

Pay special attention to the dates that your site has been visited by, and those that are in line with, your low business.

It can be a good opportunity to re-enter with missed opportunities to improve your days with very short conversion and booking windows! Have more direct bookings and save money spent on commission.

Learn about the occupation forecast

An effective revenue management tool can easily provide forecasts for specific dates. Equipped with this, you can easily spot the days / weeks that result in low ADRs and occupations, so define your pricing strategy.

Captures website visitor email addresses for redirecting

When an online prospect searches for a room on the selected dates, they must include the email address in the booking process. That way, you have the contact information you need to get them back if they leave your booking mid-way.

Send personalized offers

Once you have made a reservation, follow up on an e-mail from their dealers, thanking you for your direct consideration of your home, and your limited time. Certainly, these deals clean your room tickets, lower than the fees you pay for OTA or other last-minute booking sources.

Visitors who showed up to book with you, or within the time frame of the reservation; You can close your reservations early. Therefore, reduce the closure of short booking windows.

Source by Sudhir Kumar Singh